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Premier Lawn Care & Landscaping to Fit Your Wants and Needs

We Provide a one of a kind service to leave your yard an oasis. Your yard is as much apart of your property as the building. You should always feel proud of how it looks. If your yard needs a helping hand to get in or keep it in pristine condition, its time to call Keep'er Cut Lawn Care and Landscaping.


About Us

Keep'er Cut Lawn care and Landscaping is a local company based out of Clermont Florida. We are truly focused on providing a premier and one of a kind services. Our services are catered to the customers wants and needs in order to give you the best possible experience. All of our employees go through background checks, follow our no smoking policy, and wear proper uniforms with PPE's. As far as service goes, we do the extra steps that competitors don't do, we never leave without everything being done properly.

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